Sunday Morning class will start April 2, 9:00 am

Hearing God's Voice:  Do you rush during your prayer time with God to say everything you want to say but never stop for a moment to hear from Him?  Do you know why God wants that time to speak to you, to teach, guide, and build His relationship with you?  We can be so busy in our lives that we forget (and ignore) the fact that the creator of the universe wants to speak to each of us. Join Bev Barrett on Sunday mornings to learn the why and how of Hearing God's Voice.

Wednesday night classes will start April 5,  7:00 pm

Forgotten God:  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Pastor Anthony will be teaching "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan.  The study will be focusing on the Holy Spirit, the part of the trinity that can be so easily forgotten.  The Helper the true and living witnesses for Christ living in us but we can spend our life suppressing the Spirit and never fully experience His power, strength, and love. Join Anthony to discuss how to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives.

Prayer:  Ever wonder if your petitions are finding their way to God's ear? Do you "chat" with the Lord instead of connecting with him? Offering biblical guidance and wisdom, Keller shows how to make your quiet times more personal and powerful. Discover how to talk to God about grief, loss, love, forgiveness, and more.  Join Pastor Craig as he teaches from Timothy Keller's book, Prayer, Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.

Knowing the Basics of Christianity: Are you just starting your relationship walk with the Lord?  Are you new to the church experience?  Join Pastor Chris as he takes an in-depth study of the basics of Christianity.  Why is baptism important?  Is reading the Bible really that important?  How do I live a holy life?  These classes will give you the solid foundation you need as you walk life's path with Christ.

Sticky Church:  Do you ever have questions or want to explore deeper a point from the Sunday morning sermon? Using the previous Sunday's sermon, Pastor Zack is going to take a deeper dive into the sermon to further increase the spiritual benefits of what was shared on Sunday.  Why "Sticky Church"? Because taking the extra time to focus and study on the sermon writes the Scripture on our hearts.


•8-week study sessions
•Missional group activity
•Nursery available (ages 0-4)
• CORE Kids (ages 5y/o-5th grade)

CONNECT with each other through building healthy relationships
GROW in our discipleship through increasing our spiritual knowledge and deepening our relationship with Christ
SERVE others and our community through missional activities displaying God’s love for every person