Our Purpose

The purpose of CORE is: Connecting people to God, others, and the Church.  Growing towards spiritual health, unity, and favor.  Serving alongside God in His mission to redeem His creation.

We Value

Discipleship: Learning to follow Jesus together and becoming disciple making disciples.

Missionality: Joining God in his redemptive mission.

Multiplication: Multiplying disciples, groups and missional presence.

Community: Gathering to form healthy friendships.

Incarnational Living:  Being Christ to the world around us.

Holistic: Restoration, reconciliation, recovery, healing, and growth.

Contextual: Helping people grow where they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually (Discipleship, Nurturingand Accountability) and bring value to our neighborhoods.

DNA Groups:

D.N.A Groups are sermon based life groups that focus on the areas of Discipleship Nurturing and Accountability.  Each week we meet in homes, throughout the county.  We share life with one another, break bread with one another, care for one another, and develop healthy relationships with one another. It is in these spaces that we can connectgrow and serve with one another.


Focus Groups

Focus Groups are life groups that focus on various topics and learning styles.  These life groups topics can range from Bible studies, to financial planning, missional groups, studies on prayer, missionary preparation groups and on and on the list can go - the opportunities are endless.  Each trimester we will offer different classes with different topics.  This is yet another way that we get to connectgrow and serve with one another.

New Groups Coming Soon!

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Discover Groups:

Discover Groups are designed to help people take their next step in their faith journey.  Whether that is baptism, membership, serving or leadership, we want to help you belong, become and begin, regardless of where you are on your faith journey.  Discover groups are a great way to test the waters without jumping in head first.  If you are looking to take that next step of faith, check out one of our Discover Groups.

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