Impacting Our Future-Pastor Craig

On Tuesday, Myself (Pastor Craig) and Neil Snelling had the honor of attending the OCU Pastoral Leadership Forum and the 10th Annual Leadership Banquet that evening.  During the Pastoral forum the keynote speaker, Dr. Benny Tate, Lead Pastor for 27 years atRock Springs church in Georgia,  spoke on the topic of communicating with hurt people and also the topic of Finishing Well as a church.  Both of these talks were very impactful and will be very helpful on building and continuing momentum here at Community Church and in the ministries here. Last night we heard three speakers, Dr. John Maxwell, Senator David Perdue from Georgia and Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly from the Buffalo Bills.  All three were great and discussed leadership in churches and most importantly in our community.  The most impressive part of the night to me was not the three "big name" speakers but was Jim Kelly's 19 year-old daughter.  She shared the stage with her father and talked about her faith in God through the death of her brother and through the turmoil of almost losing her father to cancer 2 short years ago.  To witness an amazing young woman of faith openly talk about loss, struggle, depression and God's unconditional love really touched my heart.  This young lady has a NY times best-selling book at 19 years old titled "Kelly Strong. "  It is about faith, love, hope and Perseverance during times of struggle.  I took this quote away from last night and wanted to share it and challenge you.

"Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow."