Christian Cannibalism - Eating Flesh & Drinking Blood

Communion is the celebration of God’s physical presence in the body of Jesus.

  • When we take the bread that represents the body of Christ, we celebrate God’s crazy love for his creation.

  • While the world looks at blood through the lens of war, hatred, and horror, the Bible celebrates blood as the essence of life.

While everyone is telling us that we need to find a purpose IN life, Christianity proclaims that we were all created for the grand purpose OF life!

Action steps:

  1. Throughout the week, I will reflect upon the weirdness of Christianity and embrace its wonderful strangeness.

  2. I will allow God to call me out of the aimlessness of our wayward culture and into his radical truth.

  3. I will make a conscious decision to feed upon Jesus daily; to consume all he is and can be in my life.

  4. This morning, as I enter into a time of Communion with God, I will clear my mind of all distractions and concentrate fully upon his majesty, love, holiness, and presence. I will be in awe of my God. I will consume him and allow him to consume me.

  5. If I have never placed my faith in Jesus, or need to recommit my life to him, today I will do it at the table of the Lord. He has invited me to the feast!