Giving It Away - Urgent Faith

Paul wrote that an urgency to give away the Gospel is based upon something he called “fearful responsibility.” I want to call that urgent faith.

Urgent faith dictates that we have to do something with what we believe. Sharing our faith is not optional; it can’t be neglected. At every opportunity, a person of urgent faith will do or say something to lead others to God. In the Early Church the Christians believed people were lost, hell was real, Jesus was the answer, and one day he was coming back. They had work to do and a world to reach! In the modern church we honestly act like we don’t care.

Application Steps:

1. I have been called to be a disciple-maker and a spokesperson for Christ. I will not say no.

2. I will let Jesus’ love control my life so that I can share it with others. When he calls me to love others, I will not say no.

3. When I look at the people around me, I will see all of them as potential disciples, loved and desired by God. When he calls me to believe in his life-changing power, I will not say no.

4. I will be open to every way in which God wants to use me to reach everyone around me. Whatever he asks me to do, I will not say no.

5. Jesus is the answer for a lost and hurting world. I will make it a habit to share my faith. I will not say no.