Resurrection and Restration

Peter was not just one of Jesus’ Disciples, he’s a central character in the Jesus story. He’s every man and every woman. He’s a picture of humanity in which we see good and bad, belief and disbelief, giving and taking, humility and arrogance, loyalty and disloyalty, victories and failures, death and resurrection.
We can do 3 things with our failures:
1)     We can try to ignore them and act like nothing ever happened.
2)     We can be honest about them, and with God’s help find healing and resolution.
3)     Or, we can let our failures defeat us and define our lives.
The devil will always push you towards choices 1 or 3. He will always try to lure you away from choice #2.
Failure is not final unless YOU decide it’s final. God has taken some of history’s greatest failures and turned them into enduring monuments of his redemptive grace.