What is Celebrate Recovery?


Celebrate Recovery is a biblical based 12-step program designed for those 18 and over who are struggling with any hurts, habits, or hang-ups.  Celebrate Recovery is more than an "addictions group."  If you struggle with: co-dependancy, trust, online shopping, social media addiction, gambling, pornography, drugs, alcohol, self-worth, anger, lust or anything else that controls your life then Celebrate Recovery is for you!  You are invited to come, heal, and grow with others in a confidential group. The large meetings consist of worship, teaching, testimonies, and fellowship. The share groups consist of sharing and fellowship.

Celebrate Recovery at Community Church:

Meetings are Held Every Friday evening

  • 6pm - 7pm | Share a Meal
  • 7pm - 8pm | Large Group Meeting
  • 8pm - 9pm | Share Groups and Step Studies

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About Celebrate Recovery?


Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program that helps individuals overcome hurts, habits, and hang-ups. The Bible states, we all have sinned. It is in our DNA to sin; therefore, we hurt others, hurt ourselves, and have been hurt. The old saying that time heals all wounds is not true. In fact, time creates an environment for unhealed wounds to feaster and infect all other relationships. This means each of us need to recover from our hurts to live life the way God intended. The principles of recovery were given, in their logical order, by Christ in His most famous message, the Sermon on the Mount. Celebrate Recoveries is based on God’s Word, it is forward thinking, it emphasizes personal responsibility, a spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ, it utilizes the Biblical truth that we need each other to grow spiritually and emotionally and it addresses all types of hurts, hang-ups and habits. (John Baker, Your First Step to Celebrate Recovery).

For more information about Celebrate Recovery at Community Church you can call 740-366-4220 | Monday - Thursday from 9am to 1pm OR call 740-405-5689 today!

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