Vision Statement:

Our vision is to build a Christ centered community through service oriented lives, authentic relationships, and genuine worship.

We will accomplish this through:

Prayer for God’s guidance and empowerment | Loving God and loving others | Striving for cultural relevancy | Cultivating missional DNA | Building meaningful relationships through Community Groups and other small group ministries, whether fellowship, growth, or task oriented groups | Providing discipleship and growth opportunities for all ages | Creating a culture of authentic, Spirit empowered worship | Teaching devotion to God’s word


The Church as a Community:

Community Church is founded on the realization that the world is filled with people who need the companionship of God and the companionship of other human beings who are learning to know God. To find the fullness of life on earth and to live eternally in Heaven, we all need God’s guidance, strength and forgiveness as well as the support of people who follow Him. Our journey through life is incomplete and empty without Christ and a community of His followers. 

Community Church is a Christ-centered community in which you will find love, acceptance, support and relevant truths from the Bible. Community Church is real people connecting with one another, walking through real life together and discovering God in real ways. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re going, what you have or what you’re missing, this Community has a place for you.


Community Church is dedicated to the following Core Values for the life and ministry of the church body. We do not change our core values just because someone doesn’tlike them. They do not represent preferred ideals – they represent our unchanging convictions.

                                      We are a Community of:


The Bible is God’s life giving, life changing truth. The words ofthe Bible are not just words written by men. These words are completely inspired by God to show us that we can live life to the full in Jesus Christ. Through the authority of the Bible we are challenged to live out its truth and are motivated to share that truth with others.                      (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

2. Cultural Relevance

God’s truth is relevant and applicable to our changing world. To reach our present culture we will practice a willingness to change our methods, yet, never compromise God’s truth. (Pslam 51:6)

3. Authentic Relationships

Community Church is filled with imperfect people connecting with one another as a means to grow in our relationship with Christ and His church and to fulfill His perfect mission. (Acts 2: 42-47)

4. Missional service

Missional service is following Christ’s example of service by putting other’s needs above our own in order to share God’s love and transform the world. (Matthew 28: 16-20; John 13: 12-17)


5. Genuine WOrship

Worship is not a magical word. Worship is a lifestyle that reflects what you truly love. Genuine worship is God-ward. It is both personal and collective. Although worship is not about us, we connect with God by responding to Him through worship and by this we experience His power and presence. We say it this way: “Worship is all we are responding to all HE is.” (Psalm 95: 6-7; John 4:24)

6. Transformational faith

The Church is a body of transformed people who are continually being transformed into the image of Christ by pursuing the life of holiness. At the same time, the church is called to transform the world around us by loving and accepting people, caring for them, and helping them grow in faith.         (Acts 9: 1-22; Galatians 1: 11-2:10)