Our Purpose:

The purpose of Community Church is to be a body of Jesus' disciples in which people of all walks of life can... Belong, Become, and Begin.

Belong - To a passionately Christ-centered, Kingdom-focused community no matter where you are in life.

At Community we want to create an immediate sense of belonging for everyone who comes to us, no matter who they are or where they have been. Everyone who connects with us should experience the love and acceptance of Jesus’ family. We strive to be a compassionate, Christ-centered community in which a person can find a place of refuge and grace. 

Become The person you were created to be by allowing God to redefine your life.

As people belong to a Christ centered community, they should also become more aware of who they are, who God is, and who they were created to be. Christ will redefine their lives and they will become a new creation through His redemptive grace. 

Begin - To live a revolutionary new life that transforms the world.

Once an individual becomes a new creation in Christ, he/she will begin a new adventurous journey of faith, life, and service. God has a plan and purpose for our lives! We begin a new revolutionary life that will transform us into the likeness of His Son and will transform the world around us as we join Him in His mission to redeem His creation. 

Our Vision:

The Vision of Community Church is to become a multiplicative movement of Christ-followers who passionately reflect the Kingdom-centered life, extravagant love, and transformative power of Jesus, multiplying mission, disciples, and congregations wherever possible – local, regional, national, and around the world. 

Our Mission:

The Mission of Community Church is to follow Jesus, join God in His redemptive mission, and multiply disciples who will share Jesus’ transforming love to the dear, near, far, and hard. (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8)


The "Dear" = Our Jerusalem | Extending God's Kingdom to our home community and our immediate ministry areas.

The "Near" = Our Our Judea | Extending God's Kingdom beyond our local borders and into our county and throughout Ohio.

The "Far" = The Ends of the Earth | Extending God's Kingdom to the people and places outside of Ohio and far from where we live.

The "Hard" = Samaria | Extending God's Kingdom to people and places that may be difficult, dangerous, unappealing, and undesirable.


Community Church is founded on the realization that the world is filled with people who need the companionship of God and the companionship of other human beings who are learning to know God. To find the fullness of life on earth and to live eternally in Heaven, we all need God’s guidance, strength and forgiveness as well as the support of people who follow Him. Our journey through life is incomplete and empty without Christ and a community of His followers. 

Community Church is a Christ-centered community in which you will find love, acceptance, support and relevant truths from the Bible. Community Church is real people connecting with one another, walking through real life together and discovering God in real ways. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re going, what you have or what you’re missing, this Community has a place for you.


Community Church is dedicated to the following Core Values for the life and ministry of the church body. We do not change our core values just because someone doesn’t like them. They do not represent preferred ideals – they represent our unchanging convictions.


Incarnational Living: We value being Christ in our neighborhoods, work spaces, school, and communities.

Just as God was in Christ, Christ is in the church. When the unbelieving world looks at the church they should see Christ! We are imperfect in our humanity, and the world will see this as we live out our lives authentically. However, the church is the body of Christ! He is alive in us, and we should live as He lived, do as He did, and love as He loved! Incarnational living is empowered living, holy living, missional living, sacrificial living; life with divine purpose and presence; life driven by the mind and mission of Christ.

Exuberant Generosity: We value being people who worship God and love others through unselfish, sacrificial living and giving.

In our consumerist culture, we often feel that worship is about receiving rather than giving. Although God blesses us as we worship, we are called to exalt, adore, serve, and bless God. Since worship began, it has involved the giving of our gifts and sacrifices, our tithes and offerings, our loyalty and service. In this, we demonstrate our great love for Him, His Kingdom, His Church, and His creation. Even our bodies are to be offered as living sacrifices and our minds are given for the transformative work of His Spirit. Through our generosity, God sets us apart for His glory and does amazingly good things for the advancement of His Kingdom.


Contextual Ministry: We value being relevant to the people around us in order to reach the world with the gospel.

Ministry must be done within the context of the specific setting in which we minister. Wherever we go, and to whomever we speak, we must adapt appropriately for the sake of the Gospel. The church will work consistently to make God’s truth relevant and applicable to our changing world and uniquely diverse places. We will lovingly adapt to the demands of culture, without compromising our convictions. We will practice a willingness to change our methods, yet, never changing the essential message.

Missional Rhythms: We value being people who live, think, and act out the mission of God at all times, in all places, to all people.

God is a God of mission and his church was created to be a community “on mission.” Every place we live and go is a mission field! Tim Dearborn states, “It’s not that the church of God has a mission in this world, but rather that the God of mission has a church in this world.”* God is simultaneously Sender, Sending, and Sent.  Just as Christ was sent by God we are sent by Christ to live out His purposes for our lives and to help redeem and restore His lost creation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is sent to help us live out His mission. However, this journey of sentness requires uncompromising intentionality and the consistent pursuit of a life glued together by missional rhythms. Missional rhythms are the intentional formation of personal and corporate practices through which we show the reign, power, presence, and redemptive nature of God. 

*Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, a Heart for Mission by Tim Dearborn (p.2)


Transformative Faith: We value being bold-faith takers to see people, neighborhoods, and nations changed for the glory of God.

The church is a body of transformed people who are consistently being transformed into the image of Christ. At the same time, the church should help God transform the world around us by loving people; accepting them, caring for them, and helping them take steps of faith so they will come to know God and grow to be devoted followers of Christ. Transformative faith will trust God in all areas of life. It’s bold. It’s risky. It’s driven by love. It’s authentic. It invokes miracles. It believes in God’s ultimate purpose. It brings hope to a hurting, unbelieving world.


Multi-Cultural Community: We value being a community of diversity, representing every age, race, social status, and educational level unified through the power of the Holy Spirit and the mission of God.

It is the privilege of the church to bring every person of every race, color, ethnicity, socio-economic state, gender, and generation to Jesus Christ. Despite the differences that may sometimes make us feel uncomfortable, we should be on a constant mission to love, reach, respect, and embrace every individual in the active pursuit of the Great Commission and to create a community of cultural diversity which is united in the Spirit and the transformative power of Christ. No matter where a person has been, or where they are coming from at Community we live by 3 words for everyone: Belong. Become. Begin!

Healthy Relationships: We value being people who grow in our love for one another, through discipleship, accountability, friendship and unity.

The church is the body of Christ and a community of believers. We must do everything we can to build healthy relationships within the community. There must be structured opportunities for in-depth fellowship, Bible study, prayer, sharing, and concern for others in the body. There should be small groups and “one on one” relationships in which there is Discipleship, Nurturing, and Accountability (DNA). Healthy relationships can be built through “focus groups” in which there are shared needs or objectives. Service teams within the church often afford a place for bonding, trust, mentoring, and growth as people work together to achieve specific goals or perform ministry. 


Multiplying Disciples: We value being missional people who make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples; multiplying God's people and presence everywhere.

Jesus commissioned his church to make disciples. Discipleship is never fully completed in our lives unless we make disciples; disciples make disciples. This is not a process of addition, but multiplication. The essence of the Great Commission in Matthew 28 and Jesus further instruction in Acts 1:8 is embodied in what is seen as a multiplicative movement: Believers are to multiply mission, multiply disciples, and multiply God’s transformative presence (new faith communities and congregations.