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secret sisters

Secret Sisters is a ministry designed to give encouragement to our sisters in Christ who attend our church.  Each participant fills out a form with their personal information.  A drawing is held and each person will pick from the entries to determine who their “secret sister” is.  A dinner is held in the spring to fellowship with those already involved in the ministry, and those who want to participate the next year.  It is at this dinner that the ‘secret sisters’ revel themselves to each other.  The room is always filled with a lot of love and laughter!

The ladies are encouraged to remember their “secret sister” at least once a month and major holidays with a small gift or at least a card of encouragement to let them know that they are being prayed for and remembered by someone.

Secret Sisters reveal who they are a draw a new secret sister name in May. 



Our hospitality ministry provides meals to those in needs. Meals may be provided for funerals, and families in need due to sickness or hardship. Our women help coordinate meals provided in our church. We also coordinate meal trains for those who have need of meals provided in their homes; due to hospitalizations, surgeries, births or just unforeseen circumstances.. 


Ladies from Community Church meet at various times to sew dresses for girls who are at risk. Dresses may go to girls in the United States.  The sewing sessions were attended by many women, and some men also joined us. In addition to sewing, many supplies and material were donated to complete the dresses. 

bridal & Baby Showers

Many baby and wedding showers have been provided to ladies throughout the year. Various ladies host these events and if I would start to name them I would leave someone out. We do appreciate this ministry to our young mothers and brides to be. It is a very special time for them and those who attend to celebrate their happy events. 


Heart to Heart is a ladies night out. Ladies are provided a meal. We have a speaker and singer. We ask all ladies from our community to attend this event.