Everybody Matters: The Dear - Loving Our "Jerusalem"

The Mission of Community Church is to follow Jesus, join God in His redemptive mission, and multiply disciples who will share Jesus' transforming love to the dear, near, far, and hard.

If we are to serious about our faith, worship, spiritual growth, and sharing Jesus' transforming love with each other and everyone around us, then it needs to start right here in our community, our "Jerusalem".

Healthy Relationships

Our church values healthy relationships and Pastor Craig outlines what this means within the context of our local church. We believe that healthy relationships consist of discipleship, accountability, friendship, and unity. These are typically shown through involvement in small groups with other believers, meeting with one or two others for the purpose of accountability, and through serving others both within and outside of the church.

Multi-Cultural Community

Multi-Cultural Community

Rev. Kim Gladden, the Director of Discipleship for the Wesleyan Church, joined us this week to discuss what it means to be a multi-cultural community and how this can be seen in the book of Acts. The worship team from Iglesia Cristiana Vida Nueva in Grove City also joined us to lead us in a great time of worship.

  1. Learning & growing across cultures
  2. Fellowship, prayer & accountability
  3. Responding to needs across cultures

Transformative Faith

Transformative Faith

Faith is more than what we say. What we say will mean very little to anyone. Faith is what we believe and what we do in response to what we believe; it's how we live. If our words are not accompanied by action, our faith will not be transformative. We can't just talk faith - we have to live it! Only then will our faith change us and change our world.

Is your faith changing the world around you?

Missional Rhythms

Missional Rhythms

Just as Christ was sent by God we are sent by Christ to live out His purposes for our lives and to help redeem and restore His lost creation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is sent to help us live out this mission. However, this journey of sentness requires uncompromising intentionality and the consistent pursuit of a life glued together by missional rhythms.

Missional rhythms are the intentional formation of personal and corporate practices through which we show the reign, power, presence, and redemptive nature of God.

Contextual Ministry

Contextual Ministry

Contextual ministry sounds like a complicated concept, but it's really pretty simple. It's about adopting the attitude of a missionary in every setting that we are in - so that, through our words, our actions, and most importantly our love, people ma come to know the love and the person of Jesus Christ.

It's simple, but it's not easy. Mahatma Gandhi said "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Being relevant in our culture does not mean changing our convictions, values or beliefs. However, it does mean being willing to change our methods and the way we relate to people.

Exhuberant Generosity

Exhuberant Generosity

Pastor Chris continues the I Am Community Church Series with the 2nd value of what it means to be part of our community of believers with Exuberant Generosity. While the culture around us focuses on receiving things and consuming more, we are called to exalt, adore, serve and bless God. We are called to be generous to those around us.

Generous believers are generous because they love God, they love God's creation, and they want to make a difference in God's kingdom. Generosity needs to be in the love language of Jesus' followers.

When Love Came Down

Pastor Chris reminds us today that Christmas is about far more than just the baby Jesus being born and placed in a manger. It is about God coming down into a messy world as a man. It is a message that is not just for Christmas, but all year long. It is about taking his message of love and redemption to a world hurt and damaged and torn by sin. It is about taking that light out into a dark world.

Love that Disrupts the Chaos

Sorry for the audio quality. We had some technical difficulties this morning. PC's message this morning addressed how we should respond to the chaos that often accompanies the Christmas season.

In the midst of the chaos, Jesus calls us to come to him, listen to his voice, and never give up hope. We should not only do these things, but encourage the faith of others, and share the joy we find in Christ with those who do not know him.

The Church as a Community

The strength of any community is found in its ability to help people focus on the things that matter most. The problem is: We have to decide what matters the most.

Any personal opinion, preference, or agenda that becomes more important than our real purpose will destroy the community God intends for the church. The church was created to glorify God and to bring people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It's not that hard. We're supposed to live so that people see God in us and live constantly on a mission to bring people into God's kingdom.

Over-Thinking and Under-Praying

Many people struggle with over-thinking many things in their life. This can lead to two different things: 1) They can suffer paralysis by analysis and 2) They can think too much and pray too little. Does this mean we shouldn't use our minds as Christians? Of course not. God expects us to use our minds in conjunction with the power of prayer. The possibilities of what God can do are endless, if we simply surrender.