Over-Thinking and Under-Praying

Many people struggle with over-thinking many things in their life. This can lead to two different things: 1) They can suffer paralysis by analysis and 2) They can think too much and pray too little. Does this mean we shouldn't use our minds as Christians? Of course not. God expects us to use our minds in conjunction with the power of prayer. The possibilities of what God can do are endless, if we simply surrender.

Living in the Past

Pastor Craig discusses how, as believers, we should handle the past. He delves into how people handle the past and why the way people handle it is problematic. He then gives us four suggestions from scripture and closes with how to be free from your past and the benefits that brings.

This episode also includes Alice M. giving an introduction to Stephen Ministries. A new ministry which equips members of the church to care for people going through tough times.

Learning Jesus

If Jesus is my greatest influence, do I live like him? Do I feel like he does? Do I teach and love like Jesus? Do I pray like he did? Is my greatest desire, my soul mission in life, to see people re-connect with the God who created them? To see them saved? To see them experience the transforming power of God’s grace? The greatest need in our world today is for people to see Jesus. The love, the presence, and the power of Jesus are transformative – and the world should see Jesus in the people who call themselves Christians. If we want to surprise the world, we need to live and love like Jesus!

Changing Our Eating Habits

Changing Our Eating Habits

As simple as it sounds, we can engage in God's mission to redeem his creation by changing our habits of eating. Much of Jesus ministry was spent eating with all kinds of people. One author went so far as to say that "Jesus literally ate his way through the Gospels."

Pastor Chris challenges us to surprise the world by eating with 3 people this week - at least one of whom is not a member of this church.


In this sermon, Pastor Zack wraps up his series How to Worship a King. Over the previous four weeks, we discovered that worship properly ordered is worship that please God and is worship that he accepts as true and proper. Today we enter into the throne room, before the God of the universe and find the entirety of the gospel message.


Pastor Zack continues his series on How to Worship a King. After leading us through the Gate last week, he brings us to the altar. He explains that the acacia wood the altar was constructed of represents purity of soul, the bronze used to overlay it represents judgement, and the horns on the altar represent mercy. He then relates these representative materials to how we need to approach God when we come to worship him.

The Altar of Sacrifice


Pastor Zack teaches us how to worship the king by guiding us through the tabernacle so that we can pattern our lives and our worship after the tabernacle. Today focuses on the first step in the process of worship: entering in by focusing on Jesus with thanksgiving.


The Faithful Father

Pastor Chris and Pastor Zack both teach on the role and importance of fatherhood. A father's job changes as his children get older, but it never ends, it just looks different. Even for those men with no children of their own, fatherhood is an important concept to understand. We can have spiritual children who look to us and in whose life we play an important role.

Yesterday is Over

Yesterday is Over

Your life is has been defined by your personal story either positive or negative. It can be full of mistakes and victories, heartaches and happiness, but no matter what, you are your story.

How we allow our stories to define our lives makes all the difference in the world. We need to learn to live out of our past, not in it because as long as we have our eyes on yesterday, we will never see today.

Yesterday is over! Now, what will you do with today?